40. Mixed Vegetables- $10

​An assortment of vegetables simmered in a curry sauce 

39. Chana Masala- $10

​Chick Peas simmered in spices and tempered

46. Shahi Paneer- $12

​Pieces of indian cheese in think creamy spiced gravy

44. Karahi Paneer- $12

​Paneer with fresh tomatoes, ginger and chilies

41. Daal Makhami- $10

​Lentils simmered in butter and cream

Vegetarian Entree Specials 

43. Bager-e-Baigan- $12

Eggplants deep fried with sesame & black seeds.

38. Daal Fry- $10

Yellow lentils with an onion butter sauce 

45. Saag Paneer- $12

​Chopped spinach and indian cheese

47. Malai Kofta- $12

​Fresh vegetables ground together with cheese formed into balls in a butter masala sauce

42. Lahori Bhindi- $12

​Tender okra cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions and chilies